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This drawing test is based on a personality drawing test I did as a young teenager.
The results are profound!  
The SNAKE and TREES are especially revealing, almost to the point where I would say it’s not fair that a person has this insight over anyone else. But — oh well, that’s the power of psychology, right?

Because of the nature of this drawing test, you can most probably only do it once in your life, so be sparing with this test, it is one of the most ULTIMATE TOOLS in your toolbox!

The Test

On a blank piece of paper draw the following:
  1. Sun
  2. Tree
  3. House
  4. Ax
  5. Path
  6. Snake

The Meanings

This is a once in a lifetime test, so make sure you really want to read the meanings before you proceed.
Download the meanings below:

Personality test drawing - house sun tree ax snake path

This book is based on a personality drawing test I did as a young teenager.
The results are profound!
However, because of the nature of this drawing test, you can most probably only do it once in your life. Unless of course you are a parent administering this test to your children, and never letting them know the meanings behind the test!

The closest thing I could find to a real clinical analysis is the HTP - House Tree Person test. But it is not the same. Although very interesting and the part about the House and Tree overlap a lot with this test.

This test is basically an extended version of the HTP, but instead of drawing 3 objects we draw the following:

  • House
  • Sun
  • Tree
  • Ax
  • Snake
  • Path
And here begin the first discrepancies with the standard HTP; in some tests you draw a fence, flowers and a river instead of a path. But I will stick to the objects above, as I did the test the 1st time.

Also the meanings are quite different - but I'll leave that in the next post as that would be a spoiler.


But rest assured, the BE FREUD personality test is much better.

For example SEXUALITY is explored or revealed much more -- this is the fun part!

When you are done with your drawing, hit the button below:

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A long time ago I started a "sister" blog known as "The Rules of Rhetoric."

I had taken Rhetoric in college, so you know, I thought I was smart.

So I started on one of my many blog adventures: I was going to make Argument Maps, "Rules" of rhetoric, cheat sheets etc. etc.

Oooh I was gonna show 'em! I was gonna be soo RIGHT. I was going to WIN all arguments!

What a bunch of BS!
What happened was: I argued more than ever and NEVER got my point across.

You see, when you argue, you develop two lines: two sides of battle.

Both sides just retreat behind their lines and the battle lines HARDEN. You don't get anywhere.

That's why in the beginning when I noticed this, I pivoted to "The Socratic" method; which is basically just asking questions.

Asking questions works like a charm! The other person stays open, and you engage his brain...

However, you are still arguing.

Finally I realized, it's not arguing I want, I wanted to persuade.

After reading Scott Adam's persuasion series on his blog, and -- coming from California-- having a lot of experience and contact with NLP and hypnosis, I decided to take a better look.

[side note: Scott Adam's is a student of Ericksonian hypnosis. Milton Erickson was the master of "indirect hypnosis" and it is the basis of all NLP today. Scott actually indirectly hypnotized an unwilling TV interviewer on live television! Awesome!]


Persuasion is actually what we want to do when we think we are arguing. After all, why do we talk to people anyway?

Most conversations are to "relate" to someone. Others are service based: "I'd like a Coke with that burger..."

But the second most frequent conversation is the argument...

And now finally I want to help you stop arguing and start persuading... 

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What are the BIGGEST personality myths?

What is personality? --And how do you take control of your DESTINY?

The Zen Happiness Journal (Maximum Zen and Mini sizes)

You should start a Journal...

A Happiness journal!

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The key is under our mother’s pillow—just where Freud said it would be....

The key is under our mother’s pillow—just where Freud said it would be....
And the key MUST be stolen...
No mother worth her salt would give the key anyway.

If a son can’t steal it, he doesn’t deserve it...

...“I want to let the Wild Man out!”--“Come over and give Mommy a kiss.”

The possessiveness that mothers typically exercise on sons—not to mention the possessiveness that fathers typically exercise on daughters—can never be underestimated.

As he did so, he pinched one of his fingers.(That detail will become important in the next part of the story...)

After that subterfuge, he could become a corporate executive, a fundamentalist minister, a tenured professor, someone his parents could be proud of, who “has never seen the Wild Man.”

We’ve all replaced the key many times and lied about it...

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As a matter fact some of the most successful couples fight like cats and dogs!

But what I really like about this book is that it's something you can do together:

In Chapter 5 and 6 you really need a piece of paper and pen, and you really have to do these things together and they've all been proven by science...
16 years of observing couples, unsuccessful AND successful couples! 

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One of the first and most effective techniques is to recognize "the 4 Horsemen" in every conversation.
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The 4 Horsemen are:
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Amazing Healing and Drawing Insights Interview with Dr.Bernie Siegel [Podcast]

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How to Be a Master Persuader Infographic | 15 Tips from Scott Adam's New Book Win Bigly

How To Be A Master Persuader

The first 15 Tips Infographic from Scott Adam's New Book "Win Bigly!"

These are only the first fifteen tips from Scott Adams’s new book “Win Bigly.”
And believe me you, it’s a great book! — and the next 16 tips are coming!

Related Post - Get Your Free Persuasion Course Here!

So here they are in text and as an infographic below:

  1. Identify as part of a [GROUP]
    1. "It's the Christian thing to do..."
    1. "If you want someone's cooperation in the future, do something for that person today."
  3. Try it Anyway
    1. "Even if the persuasion is known by the subject - it still works."
  4. >FOCUS<
    1. The things you think about the most will RISE in IMPORTANCE
    2. "The Master Persuader moves energy and attention to where it helps him most."
  5. Facts Don't Matter
    1. "An intentional "error" in the details of your message will attract critcism. The attention will make your message rise in importance."
  6. Find the sweetspot between apologizing, and NEVER apologizing.
    1. If you apologize for your factual mistakes, people will remember them. (see tip #4)
  7. Don't trust any interpretation of reality that isn't able to PREDICT.
    1. "It's easy to fit a wide variety of explanations to the PAST. Trial Lawyers do it everyday."
  8. People are more influenced by the DIRECTION of things than thecurrent state of things.
    1. Get the DIRECTION right
    1. "You have to believe yourself, or at least appear as if you do, in order to get anyone else to believe."
  10. Appeal to Authority
    1. “Persuasion is strongest when the messenger is CREDIBLE.”
  11. Guess what people are thinking— at the very moment they think it— and call it out.
    1. This creates a BOND between [you and your partner]
  12. Let them fill in the __________ .
    1. "Design into your content enough blank spaces so people can fill them in with whatever makes them happiest."
    1. "Frame yourself as the wise adult in the room. It forces others to join you or be framed as small thinkers."
  14. Don't Attack Beliefs
    1. "When you attack a person's belief, the person under attack is more likely to harden his belief than to abandon it..."
  15. Make Rewards UNPREDIcTABLE
    1. "Studies say humans more easily get addicted to UNpredictable rewards than they do predictable rewards."

Click anywhere on this graphic for a full size view:
How to Be a Master Persuader Infographic: 15 Tips

From Visually.

Zen Boat - New Drawing TEST!

On a blank piece of paper draw the following:
  1. Boat
  2. Water (a boat has to be on some kind of water obviously)
  3. The Sun
Then click on the pic for the meanings:

Freud's Favorite Quotes

If Siggy were alive today, his Pinterest would look like this:

"Die einzigen wirklichen Feinde eines Menschen sind seine eigenen negativen Gedanken." -- Albert Einstein

"A person's only real enemy, are his negative thoughts."

"Keeping one's distance from an ignorant person is equivalent to keeping company with a wise man." -- N.N.Taleb, Antifragile.

Be Freud Infographics are HERE!


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Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious…

Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious…

… it will direct your life and you will call it “FATE”.

Sigmund Freud said that the mind is like an iceberg: One third is above the water — your conscious mind, and a good two-thirds is below the water — your subconscious mind.

What Is Psychoanalysis?

Almost one-hundred years ago...

When the Swiss canton of Luzern wanted to solve a crime or even a murder mystery, they would call in the local psychologist.

He would then interview the suspect, and it went like this:

He would blurt out a series of words, A LOT of words, sometimes over one-hundred words...

And the suspect would have to answer as fast as possible, with "whatever pops into your head".

Now what the suspect, or better said interviewee, did not know, is that the psychologist was counting the RESPONSE TIME, in seconds, to each word. He did this by secretly tapping the fingers of his right hand against his trouser leg, out of sight of the interviewee.

The answers were not important at all, the response time was everything.

Also very important were the words.

Out of one-hundred totally mundane words like "dog", "yellow", or "ground", he would sprinkle them with emotionally charged words like "knife", "strangle", or even "murder".

After the test was done he would then plot out the graph of words with response times.

The spikes in the response times were tell tales of death.

Often, he could easily do it in his head, then he would end the session with a statement like this: 

"Well sir, it's easy to see; you got mad at your wife who threatened to divorce you, and strangled her to death..."

He solved every case he was called in to solve -- 100%.

The man's name was Carl Gustav Jung (sorry! it wasn't Sigmund!) and he went on to become the great contemporary and then rival of Sigmund Freud.

Now... hold on a second...
I do not propose that you go out and solve murder mysteries with the BE FREUD drawing test...


A drawing, made under the right circumstances, and in the right -controlled- environment can be even MORE revealing than a series of word associations!

The story above was paraphrased from the book
"The Essential Jung" by Storr.

The Importance of a Controlled Environment

 Last weekend my niece and nephew visited me. 

 My niece is 8 and my nephew is 12. So I quickly got out the paper and pencils and told them to go at it!

"Draw me a house, a tree, the sun, a snake, a path, and an ax please!"

"That's easy!" -- harmonious response, and then they got to it.

 As I went into the kitchen and got to working on my patented triple-chocolate-AWE-SUM-O-and more hot chocolate with Oreos and whipped cream, I couldn't wait to see their drawings.

 On the way back from the kitchen to the living room, I had to stop myself from drinking (or is that eating?) their rewards. (I made it, they got their goodies -- don't worry!)

 Well, here are the results:


Dammit! They copied each other!

 The HTP and the extended HTP are not group efforts.

 Each person must draw his/her drawing in"near isolation" free from outside influences or distractions.

 Sometimes this works with small kids -- even in a living room with a bunch of people.  

 But usually it doesn't.

 I was not clear in my instructions. Not only did they copy each other in "the big picture", but even in the smallest details -- both suns have sunglasses!

 The placement of everything is exactly the same, the size and shape of everything -- exactly the same!

 With the one exception of my nephew placing the sun a tad bit farther from the house than my niece, both drawings are carbon copies.


All is not lost, despite the copying, we can see a nice big HAPPY sun, indicating a strong positive bond to their father.


This is actually common.
Father AND Mother, or two mothers?
How about: mother and step-mother?

The snake is on the chopping block!

You will see this quite often with children.
Normally the snake represents sexuality, but what kind of "sexuality" can we expect from an 8 and a 12 year old?

Frequently the kids will see the snake as an "evil" and it must be killed.

No better way than the ax and the tree stump!

Notice once again, although a person was not required, they drew one anyway.

More to come in the book my friends!

Stay tuned, we are going live in June / July!

See you in therapy,
Eric on behalf of Siggy

Examples and Teasers

This is a teaser page,
in the book I go into much more detail and analysis of these drawings.

One of my favorite examples,
A young woman who was breaking up with her lover and choosing a new one: