How to Be a Master Persuader Infographic | 15 Tips from Scott Adam's New Book Win Bigly

How To Be A Master Persuader

The first 15 Tips Infographic from Scott Adam's New Book "Win Bigly!"

These are only the first fifteen tips from Scott Adams’s new book “Win Bigly.”
And believe me you, it’s a great book! — and the next 16 tips are coming!

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So here they are in text and as an infographic below:

  1. Identify as part of a [GROUP]
    1. "It's the Christian thing to do..."
    1. "If you want someone's cooperation in the future, do something for that person today."
  3. Try it Anyway
    1. "Even if the persuasion is known by the subject - it still works."
  4. >FOCUS<
    1. The things you think about the most will RISE in IMPORTANCE
    2. "The Master Persuader moves energy and attention to where it helps him most."
  5. Facts Don't Matter
    1. "An intentional "error" in the details of your message will attract critcism. The attention will make your message rise in importance."
  6. Find the sweetspot between apologizing, and NEVER apologizing.
    1. If you apologize for your factual mistakes, people will remember them. (see tip #4)
  7. Don't trust any interpretation of reality that isn't able to PREDICT.
    1. "It's easy to fit a wide variety of explanations to the PAST. Trial Lawyers do it everyday."
  8. People are more influenced by the DIRECTION of things than thecurrent state of things.
    1. Get the DIRECTION right
    1. "You have to believe yourself, or at least appear as if you do, in order to get anyone else to believe."
  10. Appeal to Authority
    1. “Persuasion is strongest when the messenger is CREDIBLE.”
  11. Guess what people are thinking— at the very moment they think it— and call it out.
    1. This creates a BOND between [you and your partner]
  12. Let them fill in the __________ .
    1. "Design into your content enough blank spaces so people can fill them in with whatever makes them happiest."
    1. "Frame yourself as the wise adult in the room. It forces others to join you or be framed as small thinkers."
  14. Don't Attack Beliefs
    1. "When you attack a person's belief, the person under attack is more likely to harden his belief than to abandon it..."
  15. Make Rewards UNPREDIcTABLE
    1. "Studies say humans more easily get addicted to UNpredictable rewards than they do predictable rewards."

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How to Be a Master Persuader Infographic: 15 Tips

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