1. The Test

This book is based on a personality drawing test I did as a young teenager.
The results are profound!
However, because of the nature of this drawing test, you can most probably only do it once in your life. Unless of course you are a parent administering this test to your children, and never letting them know the meanings behind the test!

The closest thing I could find to a real clinical analysis is the HTP - House Tree Person test. But it is not the same. Although very interesting and the part about the House and Tree overlap a lot with this test.

This test is basically an extended version of the HTP, but instead of drawing 3 objects we draw the following:

  • House
  • Sun
  • Tree
  • Ax
  • Snake
  • Path
And here begin the first discrepancies with the standard HTP; in some tests you draw a fence, flowers and a river instead of a path. But I will stick to the objects above, as I did the test the 1st time.

Also the meanings are quite different - but I'll leave that in the next post as that would be a spoiler.


But rest assured, the BE FREUD personality test is much better.

For example SEXUALITY is explored or revealed much more -- this is the fun part!

Once you have drawn your drawing CLICK HERE

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