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A long time ago I started a "sister" blog known as "The Rules of Rhetoric."

I had taken Rhetoric in college, so you know, I thought I was smart.

So I started on one of my many blog adventures: I was going to make Argument Maps, "Rules" of rhetoric, cheat sheets etc. etc.

Oooh I was gonna show 'em! I was gonna be soo RIGHT. I was going to WIN all arguments!

What a bunch of BS!
What happened was: I argued more than ever and NEVER got my point across.

You see, when you argue, you develop two lines: two sides of battle.

Both sides just retreat behind their lines and the battle lines HARDEN. You don't get anywhere.

That's why in the beginning when I noticed this, I pivoted to "The Socratic" method; which is basically just asking questions.

Asking questions works like a charm! The other person stays open, and you engage his brain...

However, you are still arguing.

Finally I realized, it's not arguing I want, I wanted to persuade.

After reading Scott Adam's persuasion series on his blog, and -- coming from California-- having a lot of experience and contact with NLP and hypnosis, I decided to take a better look.

[side note: Scott Adam's is a student of Ericksonian hypnosis. Milton Erickson was the master of "indirect hypnosis" and it is the basis of all NLP today. Scott actually indirectly hypnotized an unwilling TV interviewer on live television! Awesome!]


Persuasion is actually what we want to do when we think we are arguing. After all, why do we talk to people anyway?

Most conversations are to "relate" to someone. Others are service based: "I'd like a Coke with that burger..."

But the second most frequent conversation is the argument...

And now finally I want to help you stop arguing and start persuading... 

IMAGINE having effective conversations with your friends!


It's Pay What You Want!

So join now a
nd I guarantee you, if you do it, it will not only help, but it will be really fun!

It's broken down into super simple blocks that you are supposed to do for about 3 days.

Just one simple FUN TASK at a time.
And there are downloadable pdf's for you to print out and track your progress, pretty cool actually!

Here's the curriculum:

  • LESSON 1 - Your first quick win and super fun exercise 
  • LESSON 2 - Labeling & Tactical Empathy 
  • LESSON 3 - The "F" Bomb 
  • LESSON 4 - The most powerful Tipping Point 
  • LESSON 5 - BONUS lesson! 
You can get the course HERE:

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