Personality Isn't Permanent -EXPLODING- Personality Test Myths with Dr. Benjamin Hardy! (Interview+Infographic)



What are the BIGGEST personality myths?

What is personality? --And how do you take control of your DESTINY?

In this podcast interview, Dr. Benjamin Hardy EXPLODES the myths about personality...
Are you an INTJ? --an ENTF?...balogney! 
It's all poppycock! --and don't fall for it!
Listen in...
As Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains why personality tests are ROBBING YOU of your future-self, and actually bad for businesses and individuals...


His new book "PERSONALITY ISN'T PERMANENT" is launching THIS June 16th!

Get a copy here!:

And...Aaaaand! He's offering 3 FREE courses! (check out the end of the podcast for more details)

  1. Deep Dive Course of his new book "Personality Isn't Permanent"
  2. Journaling Course
  3. Genius Blogging Course
  4. +++How to write a book proposal and more!

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