Unlock the secrets of your soul.
Unlock the secrets of other souls...

This drawing test is based on a personality drawing test I did as a young teenager.
The results are profound!  
The SNAKE and TREES are especially revealing, almost to the point where I would say it’s not fair that a person has this insight over anyone else. But — oh well, that’s the power of psychology, right?

Because of the nature of this drawing test, you can most probably only do it once in your life, so be sparing with this test, it is one of the most ULTIMATE TOOLS in your toolbox!

The Test

On a blank piece of paper draw the following:
  1. Sun
  2. Tree
  3. House
  4. Ax
  5. Path
  6. Snake

The Meanings

This is a once in a lifetime test, so make sure you really want to read the meanings before you proceed.
Download the meanings below:

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