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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Personality test drawing - house sun tree ax snake path

This book is based on a personality drawing test I did as a young teenager.
The results are profound!
However, because of the nature of this drawing test, you can most probably only do it once in your life. Unless of course you are a parent administering this test to your children, and never letting them know the meanings behind the test!

The closest thing I could find to a real clinical analysis is the HTP - House Tree Person test. But it is not the same. Although very interesting and the part about the House and Tree overlap a lot with this test.

This test is basically an extended version of the HTP, but instead of drawing 3 objects we draw the following:







And here begin the first discrepancies with the standard HTP; in some tests you draw a fence, flowers and a river instead of a path. But I will stick to the objects above, as I did the test the 1st time.

Also the meanings are quite different - but I'll leave that in the next post as that would be a spoiler.

Otherwise the test is useless. 

Here are a few links I could find about the HTP:

But rest assured, the extended HTP below is much better.
For example SEXUALITY is explored or revealed much more -- this is the fun part!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is a teaser page,
in the book I go into much more detail and analysis of these drawings.

One of my favorite examples,
A young woman who was breaking up with her lover and choosing a new one:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Spoiler Alert! Do not read this unless you have already taken the test/drawn your drawing!

Scroll down:

Here are the meanings as given to me the very first time:

The house is you. Everything about it has a meaning, such as open windows or closed? Open door? Old/new house? Traditional/modern etc. etc. I think the HTP test explains the house very well. So I'll leave it at that.

The Sun:
The Sun is your goal(s). Are they big/small, central in the drawing or low?

The tree is your life partner (wife/husband, girlfriend / boyfriend etc.).
Here the HTP test is no help at all. In the HTP test the Tree is you once again.
So here of interest is:
One tree, or multiples? Placement , size and position of the tree are all significant. You interpret them yourself - that's the fun part! Since there is so little material about this test I am not going to say anything concrete.

The ax is problems or how you deal with problems and conflicts.
So a very simple example:
If the ax is in the tree - you are having problems with your mate or finding a mate etc.

The Snake is your sexuality.
Hahaaaa.......where is the snake? In the tree quite frequently! Big or small snake? etc., you get the idea.

The path is your lifestyle or motto.
Does it lead straight to the door of your house or go by? Wide or Narrow etc.?

Now depending on who you listen to, you may find some forums or tests where the tree is your mother, the sun is your father and instead of a path/road you must draw a river.
This is where I need your help (comments please!). Whereas most tests agree about the house and there is not much difference between the meanings of the river in one and the road in the other test (the snake and ax are the same in both versions). I think there is a huge difference between the sun being your father or your goals and the tree being your mother or your girlfriend! Although maybe Freud would have something to say about that- I really don't want to get into Oedipus. Besides, I don't agree much with Freud and his motherfu**er theories anyway. I think Jung was right to break off with him. I am very much more a believer in Jung's school of psychology.