Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Personality test drawing - house sun tree ax snake path

I did this personality test when I was a young teenager. This blog is not supposed to be instructional, but a request for info. I cannot find an official source or case study etc. for this personality test! After combing the internet for days, all I can find are other blogs and forums with very loose information about this test. I tried the German language also, again scarce results!
If anyone knows the official source, book, or person, institution etc. that made this personality test please let me know by leaving comments!

The closest thing I could find to a real clinical analysis is the HTP - House Tree Person test. But it is not the same. Although very interesting and the part about the House and Tree overlap a lot with this test.

So here it goes - on one piece of paper draw the following:







And here begin the first discrepancies; in some tests you draw a fence, flowers and a river instead of a path. But I will stick to the objects above, as I did the test the 1st time.

Also the meanings are quite different - but I'll leave that in the next post as that would be a spoiler.

Otherwise the test is useless. Sadly because of this you can probably only do the test once in a lifetime, since there is no way to not be influenced once you know the meaning of the different objects.

Here are some of the few links I could find about this test: